Event Syllabus

Infectious Diseases Update

November 8 & 9, 2019 

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Welcome Letter


Credits Objectives and Support

08:30- 09:15 Climate Change and its Effect on Infectious Diseases Seen in Canada
09:15- 09:55 Antibiotic Update for Busy Clinicians: What’s New
10:25- 11:05 New Microbiology Diagnostics of Respiratory and GI Infections
11:05- 11:40 Tips on How Best to Prevent Antibiotic Resistant Bacterial Infections
11:40- 12:15 What’s New in STI’s from Diagnostics to Treatment

Concurrent Sessions:
Session A: Out Patient Infectious Diseases

13:30- 14:15 Common Oral Antibiotics and Drug Interactions
14:15- 15:00 New Insights into Antibiotic Duration for Common Outpatient Infections
15:20- 16:00 Red Flags When Assessing Wounds
16:00- 16:40 Infectious Causes of Elevated Liver Enzymes

Session B: Infectious Diseases in the Emergency and Hospital Setting

13:30- 14:15 Is this Cellulitis or Necrotizing Fasciitis? Tips on Sorting Out the Difference
14:15- 15:00 Managing Infections as an Outpatient: Can We Push the Boundaries?
15:20- 16:00 Hot Topics in Infectious Disease Emergencies
16:00- 16:40 Antibiotic Stewardship When to Stop Antibiotic Therapy in the Hospital Setting

Saturday November 9, 2019

08:30- 09:15 Update on Vaccines Whats New
09:15- 10:00 Bites, Scratches & Stings – When Pets and Wild Things Attack
10:30- 11:15 Hand Infections: What are the Red Flags and When to Ask for Help
11:15- 11:35 Emerging Infectious Risks From International Pet Rescue
11:35- 12:00 How to Approach the Vaccine Hesitant Patient
13:15- 14:00 Hot Infectious Disease Topics in Public Health for 2020
14:00- 14:50 Measles: How to Recognize and Diagnosis
15:10-15:50 Infections of the Gut: From C Diff to Parasites
15:50- 16:45 Ethical Dilemmas in the Treatment of Infections in IVDU Patients